Michael Woodhead

Piano Slightly Chilled

Fiona Joy Hawkins
Little Hartley Music

Fiona's third album is a potpourri of themed piano pieces beautifully enhanced by additional orchestral music.

Mostly up-tempo, but not overly energetic, the "penguin whisperer's" compositions create delicate, magical winter landscapes of music.

A delightful surprise on this album are the two vocal compositions, Snow Bird and Crystalized Love. Not only is Fiona an accomplished composer and painter, she also has a beautiful, almost angelic singing voice.

Determined to prove to her teenagers that she's not just a "classical music nerd", Fiona has created an album that's hot enough to melt any winter cold and snow. Snuggle up in front of a fire with your favourite drink and let Ice comfort you.

1. Iced Rain
2. Cloud Chill
3. Frosted View
4. Antarctic Wings
5. Love in the Refrigerator
6. Winter Cold
7. Frozen Rose
8. White View
9. Snow Bird
10. Crystalized Love