Michael Woodhead


Carole J Obley
ISBN-13: 978-1-84694-107-8
Mediumship, Spiritualism, Parapsychology

From beginning to end, I'm sure the reader will find this a very touching, inspiring, and intriguing read. One chapter in particular had me in tears (of happiness).

Sharing with us her gift of Mediumship, and many experiences of some of her clients, Carole presents "true stories of healing grief through spirit communication".

This is one book I found very hard to put down; whenever I had a spare moment, I took it up again to continue where I left off.

My mother died when I was fifty years old. Hers was the first funeral I had ever attended up to that time, and her death hit me like nothing else before had ever done. So, it was no wonder portions of this book moved me to tears. I could readily identify with many of the people involved, including the author.

Like me, she felt very much a loner, often misunderstood, and not really knowing which direction her life was supposed to go. Unlike me, she eventually discovered her purpose and followed it.

These stories of contact with those who have died and passed to the other side will assuredly bring hope and healing to those who grieve, and knowledge to those who have yet to experience it.

"Understanding and accepting that death is a natural transition...eases our passage into the spirit world. Knowing that our spirit continues to evolve in other realms of consciousness gives us the reassurance that life is eternal."