Michael Woodhead

Qualis Rex, Talis Grex

Beast of Prey

If Richard Wagner could be termed 'heavy' as far as classical music is concerned, then 'heavy' is what this album could be termed in the dark atmospheric ambient realm.

Now, by 'heavy', I don't mean metal music; rather, the atmosphere and the complete sound are rather overwhelming, although not exactly depressing. There is a majesty and grandeur in a dark way, created by full orchestral scores, choirs, and myriad instruments.

Some tracks, like Babilon and Upiór II do tend to become quite tedious at times because they begin to sound like a stuck record after awhile. However, I do realize that's done for effect--perhaps a musical metaphor for the occasional tediousness of life. But, overall, Upiór is quite a dramatic departure from a lot of the music we're used to hearing. Take a chance on it; I'm sure it'll interest you.

2.Adoratorzy Bezmocy
3.Iluzjonista Krwi
4.Melodia Z Ostatniej Epoki
5.Czarci Róg
7.Upiór II
8.Batailles Nocturnes