Michael Woodhead


Oreade Music

Personally, I think the music on this CD is somewhat of a departure for Aeoliah. Although very beautiful, it certainly is not like his other more ambient offerings. J'Adore almost comes across as if Aeoliah has been influenced by the melodic structures of Yanni's music, and the harp techniques of Andreas Vollenweider.

Nonetheless, the whole CD still exudes the essence of Aeoliah.

Subtitled as 'music to adore your spirit', it's a moving voyage of music that transcends time and space, drawing us through the Spanish-like guitar music of Dancing Spirit and Te Amo especially, to soft strains of Immortal Love -- all joined together with a recurring 'leitmotiv' that gives us a déja-vu feel to the music.

Overall, a delightful change of pace for a very talented musician.

1. The Caress
2. Rhapsody
3. Dancing Spirit
4. J'Adore
5. Promenade
6. Immortal Beauty
7. Te Amo
8. Morning Glory
9. Rapture
10. Immortal Love
11. The Triumph