Michael Woodhead


Tomaz Lima
Beso Brasil

Bright and cheerful, Tomaz, on this album, reminds me so very much of Donovan on his From a Flower to a Garden album but, of course, with more East Indian overtones.

This is especially noticeable on songs such as Krishna Hey and Jaya Ganesha.

It's a delightful collection of songs that are comprised of mantras, which are sacred sound syllables from the Vedic tradition, and bhajans, which are songs of praise, adoration, and devotion to God. Even though you might not have the lyrics, nor understand the words, you will find yourself humming along with Tomaz from the very beginning with Hara Mahadeva through to the final Om Maha Guru. Uplifting and delightful.

1 - Hara Mahadeva
2 - Krishna Hey
3 - Jaya Ganesha
4 - Shiva Shambol
5 - Sri Goura Hari
6 - Guru Sharanam
7 - Radha Krishna
8 - Jaya Prashada
9 - Om Maha Guru