Michael Woodhead

LA TIENDA: Mediterranean Ambiance TERRA DEL SOL: Selection Three


Alberto Hauss
Tantajo records

Smooth, laid back, and relaxing are the best ways to describe Hauss's music as he travels with the listener across the Mediterranean waters and coastal plains. Rhythmic, undulating tracks dance lightly on the aural senses, producing toe-tapping melodies that enchant and delight the listener; other more ambient tunes guide us into a comfortable state of repose, relieving tension and the hecticness of stressful living. Chill out, take a breather, and let the magic music of these albums soothe you.

LA TIENDA: Mediterranean Ambiance
1. Agua Dolce
2. L'Apres Mdi
3. Papua-St Tropez
4. Cabano
5. Orbital Yanonami
6. Goodlife
7. Es Vedra
8. Beach Club
9. Travel Bar
10. Deep Blue
11. Monsoon Trance
12. Mumbay

TERRA DEL SOL: Selection Three
1. Art of Terra
2. Sandchips
3. Spacebeach Part I
4. Les Calanques Blanches
5. Cassiopeia
6. Elektrik Rain
7. Spacebeach Part II
8. Outremer
9. Shaped
10. Marimbas of Life
11. Cruisin'
12. La Plage
13. Triton's World
14. Chelsea
15. Get Away from You
16. Suenogrenadine