Michael Woodhead


Nicholas Gunn / Johannes Linstead
Loren Gold / David Arkenstone
Gemini Sun Records

Although I've notated this as light jazz, it's really much more than that. Four extremely talented and well-known artists present a varied selection of original instrumental songs in a live concert. Energetic and moving, all the selections here are melodic and wonderful to listen to again and again.

Flute music by Nicholas Gunn; piano by Loren Gold, guitar by Johannes Linstead; and compositions by David Arkenstone.

Interweaved with the music are candid interviews with the artists in which they explain how they came to write the pieces they perform along with other band members.

What I really enjoyed about this album is that along with the CD, there also came with it a DVD of the concert which helped to make the music more real, more alive, more enjoyable. It's unfortunate that many more CDs don't come with videos.

1 Gypsy Camp
2 Desert Crossing
3 Falling
4 For My Baby
5 Sunnyside
6 Earth Bones
7 Elves' Chasm
8 Aspionado Uno
9 Breathe
10 New Day
11 Dance In The Desert
12 Spanish Town
13 Ambrosia
14 Streets Of Old San Juan
15 Djunga