Michael Woodhead


Scott August
Cedar Mesa Music

Once again the hauntingly beautiful sound of flutes permeates my space.

Melancholy, expressive, and deeply emotional, these tunes resonate with memories of times gone by that touch the present.

Designed to aurally express Nature as experienced in the canyons of the Southwest, some exquisitely performed tunes help the listener visualize such things as sweeping mesas, birds, and the ever-changing elements of the weather.

With a minimum of backing instruments and sounds, August focuses on creating sound pictures with his variety of flutes, and draws the listener into them with him.

1. Morning Star
2. Raven Dance
3. Desert Skies
4. Where Spirits Dwell
5. Swallows & Nighthawks
6. Thunder on the Mesa
7. Thermals
8. Lost Canyons
9. Huukyangw (Wind)
10. Chasing the Sun
11. Twilight Canyon
12. Evening Star