Michael Woodhead


Jamie Craig
Craig Sound Productions

As Jamie has said, this is "new-age rock with a bit mor bite than you normally hear".

There's an eclectic mix of music, here, some light and lyrical, others with a more driving beat to them.

The listener will certainly be aware of the drums and bass-lines influenced by progressive-rock prevalent on all the selections, along with some subtle, and yet not-to-subtle, jumps in chord arrangements which don't flow from one to another like they normally do in many songs.

There's also a mix of instruments and styles that gives the ear something different to listen to as it moves from one composition to the next.

This isn't new age music like listeners would be used to.

"I realized there were plenty of people doing the softer, more meditative stuff. I decided to follow my instincts and add more edge, more energy, more backbeat..."

Not softer. Not meditative. But still a pleasure to listen to any day of the week.

1. The Lost Dream (Radio Mix)
2. The Steel Wheel
3. Stereo Five
4. The Power and The Glory
5. Movement Z
6. Contemplate All
7. One Thirty
8. The Lost Dream
9. Did You Have to Ask?
10. Our Lost Dreams
11. Take the High Road