James Asher
New Earth Records

This is one very beautiful and relaxing album, from beginning to end. Bringing together a combination of the eight-stringed bazouki with the thirty-six stringed dulcimer combined with natural sounds and the occasional light vocal, Lotus Path is ideal for meditation, massage, and love-making, particularly the thirty-two minute title track, the only extended work that Asher had done since -- as of this review -- 1988's, The Great Wheel.

Unlike the high-energy compositions of Asher's previous Drums on Fire, this CD is laid back, less intense and more reflective, with some incidental chanting done by Sivamani, who also performed on the previous album. Gently rhythmic, and rippling along like a musical stream of virtual water, Lotus Path washes over the listener with hypnotic sounds, carrying one along to the distant inward shores of the Self, there to discover one's connection to Nature and the Divine.

Seven other shorter selections also bring a similar contentment and peacefulness. Occasionally Oriental in style, then Celtic, then Native American; sometimes sweet, like Ocean of Dreams, and at other times symphonic, like Silver -- all an eclectic, but varied and pleasing selection of meditative compositions which Asher wrote and put together on this album.

All guaranteed to bring tranquility and comfort to the listener.

My Favourite: Lotus Path

1. Lotus Path
2. Violet
3. Ocean Of Dreams
4. Green
5. Cedar Tree
6. Silver
7. Earthsong
8. Far Over The Hill