Michael Woodhead


David Mason
Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60037-077-9

In spite of its long title, this book is designed for a quick, but repetitive read in order to absorb the concepts, and then put them into practice.

David Mason has done a marvelous job at distilling a wealth of business information into a 126-page book.

In five main chapters, and five bonus sections, the author succinctly gives prospective and growing small businesses key points to consider in their marketing plans. This includes the "unique selling proposition, media options, direct mailing tips, networking and coaching, and the burgeoning field of Internet marketing".

Along with pages of useful information, there are also templates, fill-ins, and questionnaires to help the small business owner focus on what's most important to increase her company's potential, profits, professionalism, performance, and personality.

"Success," David explains, "is based on persistency and consistency, not magic. You have what it takes--just unleash your power."

Using the tips and techniques extolled by the author in this interesting and well-thought-out book, there's no reason why any small business (or even big ones for that matter) can't capitalize on its visibility in order to increase revenues and sales.

Says David, "I help those who are well to become more successful so that I can help those who cannot help themselves to have a better quality of life."

A little book containing sound, workable advice.