New World Music

This is a wonderful album with great production and lots of atmosphere -- and by atmosphere, I don't mean the space kind; I mean travelogue-style background sounds that add to the feeling of a musical voyage through the land of Morocco.

Children playing, people talking and praying, the calls of buyers and sellers -- all add to the romantic and mysterious atmosphere enhanced by the eclectic music styles of James Diplock and Mat McLean, a.ka. Kargo.

After a slow and gentle opening as we Enter Djemma and experience Hellah -- everyday life for the people -- things slow down a touch for us to relax in the shade during a hot summer afternoon with Mellagita, a hypnotically rhythmic tune created with drums, horns and bass which ends a little too abruptly. Then we enjoy the leisurely, romantic flute and string sounds of Sunset at the Kaspah.

A new virtual day brings a new selection of environmental sounds, and a variety of pulsating Moroccan beats and music -- Dejemma-el-Fna, Marrakesh Dubbed, the wildly entertaining Drumbata which leaves one breathless just listening to it. Cobrabora combines tribal drums with vocal chants, synth riffs and pads to create a rhythmic electronic blend of past and present, before things slow down again for the final Departure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this musical voyage with its wide range of melodious and rhythmic tunes, native instruments, and background sounds. Kargo have put together a captivating album that is a delight to listen to.

"This album is the result of an inspirational journey through Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh, recording sounds and atmospheres to Minidisc as we went, before bringing them home and then combining them with our own production techniques and musical styles." - Kargo

1. Enter Djemma
2. Hellah
3. Mellagita
4. Sunset at the Kaspah
5. Djemma-El-Fna
6. Marrakesh Dubbed
7. Drumbata
8. Cobrabora
9. Mellagita (Reprise)
10. Departure