New World Music

Rich and lush musical numbers relate the tale of a young Druid woman who travels to meet Merlyn and Cerridwen on the island of Avalon in the Summerlands. Inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley's novel, this beautiful and ethereal sounding album delights the listener with uplifting rhythms and melodies, very contemporary in style, with occasional hints of Celtic and Irish arrangements.

Smooth and flowing music carries us along through the Otherworld with hauntingly beautiful tunes like Silver Moon Winds, Queen of the Moon, and The Crystal Castle.

For those who like to follow along with a storyline, one is included in the liner notes, much like the gist of a tale is given in an opera programme.

Llewellyn is ably accompanied by vocalist Juliana, flautist Chris Conway, whistler Lorraine Wyse, and keyboardist Kevin Kendle.

Take your journey through the Mysts of Avalon today.

1. Silver Moon Woods
2. Merlyn and the Crossing
3. Through the Mysts
4. The Summerlands
5. Queen of the Moon
6. The Dragon's Breath
7. The Calling
8. The Crystal Castle
9. Seeking the Candle