Moss A Jackson
Corporate Initiatives
ISBN-10: 978-0-615-18045-8
self-help, success

Over ninety-five percent of people in life have no real idea of where they're going, or what they'll do even if they do get wherever it is they want to go.

Navigating for Success is one book that will help them define that voyage, from its first passion to its ultimate performance.

Those already familiar with books by W Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill will immediately recognize many of the principles espoused in this book. Nevertheless, they are expressed in a unique manner, and will give those familiar with the need for success-consciousness a fresh persepctive.

Using analogies akin to seafarers, the author presents his material in seven main segments:-
     1. Steering Your Life
     2. Mapping Your Course
     3. Riding Your Inner Wave
     4. Getting Connected
     5. Storm Warning!
     6. Building Your Crew
     7. Setting Sail

The author brings some new terms into play as far as people are concerned -- we can fit into roles as a Victim, a Survivor, or a Navigator, paths that we 'chose' at a very early age, but ones that we can just as easily re-choose for our lives today.

The author gives sets of questions to answer to determine which one more closely describes our current path. In the remaining chapters, he focuses on how to become a Navigator -- "how to discover where you want to go, and then direct your best energies towards getting there".

The book contains various diagrams, lists, exercises (which the author calls 'Compass Points'), and illustrations from the lives of other people.

Although a small and relatively thin book (137 pages), there is lots of information that can be read repeatedly for further enlightenment.

So, if you don't know where you're headed in life and need a little help, Navigating For Success is one more ideal guide.