Michael Woodhead


Paul Anthony Adams
New World Music

Soft and relaxing is a good way to describe this album, and therefore ideal for meditation, healing, and in any situation or setting that requires stillness and inspiration.

Primarily synthesizers and flute take the listener on a journey with Paul, as he sets his own experiences and travels to music.

"I didn't set out to write the album with a particular theme but what developed naturally as a common thread was the finding of peace and inspiration in various special places, times and spiritual concepts which have become special to me over the years".

Two of my favourites are Caldey and Chez Nous, but all of the tunes on New Beginnings can be the beginning of your own relaxation phase.

1. New Beginnings
2. Maundy Thursday
3. The Coming of The Light
4. New Year
5. Caldey
6. Chez Nous
7. Times of Refreshing
8. September
9. Compline