Michael Woodhead

Nine Worlds

(a.k.a. Jens Gad & Helene Horlyck )
Sequoia Records

There isn't a lot of diversity in the numerous tracks on this album. Similar style, rhythms, and ambient melodies, all quite reminiscent of Enigma, but, in this case, based on Viking mythology. Jens Gad (who, incidentally, was a co-producer of, and guitarist with, Enigma) and Helene Horlyck have nevertheless created a unique musical work using ethereal vocals in Latin and Swedish, trance-like beats, and often cinematic washes of sound.

1 Achillea - Prelude
2 Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods
3 Odin's Hill
4 The Monks of Lindisfarne
5 Cape Porcupine
6 The Seeress Prophecy
7 Land of the Elves
8 Shears from Scar
9 The Nine Worlds
10 Staraja Ladoga
11 Othila - The Rune Masters
12 Achillea - Exodus