Michael Woodhead


The Way of Jesus in Everyday Life

Darryl Tippens
Leafwood Publishers
ISBN: 0-9767790-7-2
Non-Fiction, Christian Spirituality

There are literally thousands of books on spirituality, and certainly many of them from a Christian viewpoint. What makes this one different is that it looks in a practical way at following Jesus as a way of life, and not just a set of beliefs -- indeed, a 'worldly spirituality'.

In the modern world, where many of its spiritualities are too spiritual for many people to comprehend and put into practice, Pilgrim Heart offers some new, but not altogether new beatitudes for our day, and practical ways to implement them. For example, "Happy are those who drive in the slow lane for they will arrive in peace {or in one piece)".

Seventeen chapters look at a worldly spirituality that includes resting, befriending. confession, forgiveness, listening, creating, feasting, and several other logical but often over-looked attitudes and disciplines -- all to help us learn that we were created in love in order to love, and in the end, be embraced forever by a greater love.

Pilgrim Heart is an excellent, easy-to-read-and-implement resource for daily Christian living from a not-too-spiritually-obvious point of view.