Michael Woodhead


Jock Brocas
O Books
ISBN: 978-1-84694-075-0
New Age, Self-Defense

Upon reading the opening pages of this book, I was both surprised and delighted to find that the author was a practitioner of Ninjutsu, and a psychic medium. Having read many other books about the Ninja and spiritualism, I immediately knew how he would probably approach the material.

Certainly, I wasn't disappointed. However, even though this is not a book about Ninjutsu itself, or spiritualism as a religion, the author does present many of their techniques which can be used to protect oneself and others in this current world of terrorism and hostile acts, not only abroad, but oftentimes on our very streets.

Although many of the other works on Ninjutsu focus (though not exclusively) on the physical aspect of this martial art, Brocas has taken a more psychic and spiritual approach -- in other words, relying more on the 'sixth sense' to warn of impending danger so that physical contact for defense purposes doesn't necessarily have to occur.

Brocas begins Part I with a 'commonsense' approach, making ourselves aware of how often we actually allow criminals access to our personal information without realizing it, and how we can prevent such things from happening. This includes creating protection for yourself, your home, and your business.

In Part 2, he takes a look at risk levels and possible protective measures, paying special attention in two chapters to rape and terrorism.

Part 3 focuses on the psychic and spiritual aspects -- how you can develop and use your 'sixth sense' to make your life more secure. Along with this information are excellent discussions and explanations of various facets of psychic phenomena such as mediumship, telepathy, and ESP.

"By attuning yourself to [subtle imbalances in fields of energy] you will be able to identify, perceive and anticipate possible problems that may manifest in life, from street-level violence to international incidents by terrorists."

Powers of the Sixth Sense is an easy read, filled with examples, exercises and extremely helpful information for anyone concerned about living in today's turbulent society.