Annamaria Hemmingway
ISBN-13: 978-1-84694-077-4
Life After Death, Out of Body Experiences

Food for thought. Insight. Hope.

These and other views are provided by this fascinating look at the NDEs (near-death experiences), encounters with Death in various forms, and communication with loved ones in the spirit world, of fifteen people from all walks of life, including such well-known personalities as Larry Hagman, the actor; and Peter Samuelson, cousin to actress Emma Samms; all rounded out by the author's own story.

Just as each person is unique, so is each story.

But, even after their experiences and because of them, the lives of the people and their world views change-they find a sense of purpose, a reason for living; they lose their fear of Death; they are filled with love and compassion and, and they continually pursue their missions in life as revealed to them through oftentimes dramatic and tragic situations..

The book did raise some questions in my mind:-
     1. Does everyone have a Calling, or are some of us meant to be 'fodder' for those who do receive and follow their Call?
     2. What happens to those who miss, ignore, or don't recognize the Call when it comes? Is there a way to 're-hear' that Call in order to follow it?
     3. How do we discern between our own talents and abilities, and those required for the Calling?
     4. Is there a fine line between what we desire and what the Calling requires?

However, in spite of these personal queries which basically lie beyond the scope of this particular volume, Hemingway has produced an inspiring, very touching, and compassionate book not only for those who might have shared similar experiences and circumstances, but also those who seek to understand Death and what lies beyond it, and what it means to find a true purpose in life.