Christopher Boscole
CD Baby

Here are a selection of fourteen charming melodies that seem to flow like water from Christopher's fingers and piano. Ranging through a variety of styles -- folk, light jazz, new age -- the listener will find a lot of material not only for meditation, but merely for relaxation and reflection. Lilting melodies like Once in Time and Hoedown Jig are a delight to listen to, and peaceful tunes like the title track sound lovely.

Christopher is a versatile professional pianist, composer, musician, and artist who also explores creative relationships between nature, sailing, photography and music through multimedia concerts.

1. Once in Time
2. Country Hymn
3. The Coming Relevation
4. Hoedown Jig
5. Angel of Bliss
6. Present Being
7. Dreaming in Reality
8. Speebidah
9. Presents of Angels
10. The Heart Is the Home
11. Sailing to You
12. Knights of Gold
13. Purely Simple
14. Once Another Time

Presents of Angels was previously nominated for Solo Piano Album of the Year at Whisperings Radio