Healing Touch

Daniel Otsuka
New World Music

More relaxing, meditative music for healing, particularly of interest to those who practice Reiki, since the album comes with a full-colour, though albeit short guide by Reiki Master, Christopher Wilson.

Another album in the 'Mind, Body and Soul' series from New World Music, Reiki: Healing Touch is, overall, a selection of quiet, non-intrusive pieces of music composed by Daniel Otsuka with a very Oriental flavour to them, with the tracking and musical frequencies designed to "harmonise, complement and enhance the practitioner and the Reiki treatment".

Soft, smooth and serene, these tender pieces provide an excellent background of comforting music, gently lulling the client into a relaxed state, while energizing the practitioner.

1. Awakening of the Dawn
2. Harmony of the Universe
3. Crystal Clear
4. Gentle Reflection
5. Earth's Unfolding Cords
6. Refreshing Sea Energies
7. Winds of Change
8. Heart Strings of Love
9. Timeless Rays of Light
10. Secret Insights
11. Life & Freedom
12. Embers of the Sun