Michael Woodhead

A Liquid Mind Experience

Chuck Wild
Real Music

This is by far one of the quietest and most relaxing albums I've heard in a long time.

If you've never listened to Liquid Mind before, this is the perfect album to check out Chuck's music. Ideal for relaxation, massage, meditation, yoga, and other divers therapies.

1. Teach Me to Whisper (from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit)
2. Serenity (from Liquid Mind V: Serenity)
3. Touching Calm (from Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep)
4. Awakening (from Liquid Mind V: Serenity)
5. Reflection (from Liquid Mind VII: Reflection)
6. I Am Willing (previously unreleased)
7. Take Me Tenderly (from Liquid Mind IV: Unity)
8. Lullaby for Grownups (from Liquid Mind III: Balance)