Michael Woodhead


Arturo Stalteri
Materiali Sonori

The Lord of the Rings trilogy -- both J R R Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's motion pictures -- has spawned works by other artists and composers over the past three years, and Stalteri's Rings is one such piece.

Highlighting his piano compositions and performances, but supported by some additional orchestrated instruments, Arturo has created an interesting and emotional set of melodies centering on various aspects of the Rings: the hobbits, Gandalf, the elves, but at the same time, he draws comparisons between the fantasy world and the modern world. For, as is indicated in the liner notes, "Times are changing and we are changing".

Pieces such as Fangorn and Cavalieri Neri, though representing a fantasy word of times gone by, are very much Italian contemporary in composition and presentation, while others like Lo Speechio di Galadriel and The Old Forest reflect a more Celtic influence and sound.

Ranging from joyful to melancholy to occasionally dark in tone, from lively to pedantic in pace, and from ambient to repetitive musical motives, Arturo nonetheless breathes new life into a well-read, well-known and well-trodden subject.

1. Baggins' Theme
2. Bilbo's Party
3. Gandalf The White
4. Rivendell
5. Le Ultime Luce Di Brea
6. Fangorn
7. Cavalieri Neri
8. Lo Specchio Di Galadriel
9. The Old Forest
10. The Ring Bearer
11. Theoden E I Ricordi
12. Verso Lorien
13. The Ride Of The Rohirrim
14. The Grey Havens' Lullaby
1. Memories Of A Hobbit