Real Music

This is, by far, the nicest Gandalf recording I've heard, a gentle and relaxing musical voyage down the sacred Yamuna River in India, a place that has had quite an impact on Gandalf's life.

Earlier in his life, "Flowing water has inspired me since I was a child, when my favorite playground was at a small creek behind my parents' house. The sound of the rippling water stimulated my fantasy and made my mind go wandering to imaginary places."

Musically, Gandalf has captured the rippling, flowing, and healing effects of the water through the use of guitar, keyboards, bells and percussion, all blending together to create a relaxing atmosphere with the title track being my favourite.

1. Morning At The River Bench
2. Sacred River
3. Blossoms Falling Like Snow
4. Silent Joy
5. The Ferryman's Tale
6. Take Me Gently Across The Water
7. Confidently Flowing Seawards
8. A Visionary Passage
9. Flow, Water, Flow
10. Where the River Joins the Ocean