Michael Woodhead


Al Conti
Shadowside Music

This is a wonderful and mystical assortment of compositions that draw the listener into the fantasy world of 1001 Arabian Nights.

Blending numerous instruments -- guitar, piano, dulcimer, exotic hurdy gurdy, sitar, tribal drums and other percussion -- Al creates a beautiful soundscape, telling the story in musical segments that are sure to delight and entertain.

"Creating the album Scheherazade was an arduous experience. There is a lot of thought, planning and experimentation that goes into creating the arrangements. What keeps me going is the feeling that the eventual listeners are already right there beside me while I am recording. So I can only thank each and every listener for walking with me through this artistic adventure and encouraging me to create more."

1 Daughter of the City
2 Desert Nights
3 Shahryar
4 Seven Veils to Midnight
5 Dunyazad
6 A Thousand Tales
7 Palace Gardens
8 Gold and Spices
9 Eternal Majesty
10 Heart Triumphant