Michael Woodhead


Marshall Styler
Styler Music

I must have played and re-played this album at least ten times within a five day period. There's just something about the melodious music that draws me back again and again. Inspired by special people and places, these piano and keyboard compositions will relax and soothe the listener.

"My music is not space or soundscape music. I compose instrumental pieces that have a definite structure based around melodies. There are no words to tie it all down so there is a certain dream-like quality inherent in my sound".

That 'dream-like quality' is certainly evident in these pieces, with All I Had to Hear You Say, the rippling water-effect of Mandala (an effect that somehow always seems to impress me, as it has done with various other albums), and One Day in One Heart in particular touching me.

1. Flight of the Great Blue (South Padre Island)
2. All I Had to Hear You Say
3. Camden to Monhegan
4. Welcome Back to Dreamland
5. Mandala (Mary's Waltz)
6. Seven Falls
7. The Locket
8. One Day in One Heart
9. Adirondack