Michael Woodhead


Peter Sterling
Real Music

One day, while on a visit to Coeur d'Alene back in the mid-1990s, I happened to stop into a New Age store and heard some beautiful harp music playing over the speakers. When I asked who it was, the salesperson replied, "Hilary Stagg".

Almost ten years later, I discovered someone with the same magic on the harp who was influenced/guided by Hilary.

However, Peter is by no means a 'knock-off' of Hilary; indeed, he possesses his own style and interpetive vision.

Shadow, Mist & Light is a very inspiring group of melodies that uplift the spirit, filling it with hope and joy. Like a zephyr of sound, the music of this album will sweep you away for a journey of light, ethereal relaxation.

Peter plays a custom made Lyon and Healy electric Troubadour harp, and is supplemented on this album by a variety of musicians, singers and instruments.

A delightful listen.

1. East meets West
2. Dance of the Dakinis
3. Eldorado
4. A Night to remember
5. Dreamers' Waltz 6. Wanna Hula
7. While Away
8. Moon Over Xanadu
9. Road to Shambala
10. The Long Goodbye