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Juliet Lyons
Juliet Lyons

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I played this album. I didn't know what to expect, and noted that Juliet's voice ignites the messages in every song, beginning with the opening number, My Dreaming Mind. Her powerful soprano took me back for a short time, and I feel she could do some operatic work. It would be interesting to see how she interprets some popular arias.

It would be easy for me to compare Juliet to Sarah Brightman (and, apparently, now that I've had a look at her website, I'm not the only one) but, truly, Ms Lyons is in her own league, her songs offering touches of pop, classical and light jazz.

As I mentioned, her songs have pertinent messages for today, messages that include the search for peace and love, the end of war, and a few digs at modern civilization -- for example, "We've got our cell phones, so who needs oxygen?" from Behind the Future. All the tracks but one contain lyrics -- on Dreaming of the Hajar, Juliet uses her voice as a musical instrument, providing an atmospheric, ethereal sound that any other instrument wouldn't be able to create.

Overall, a decidedly beautiful album. My favourite track: Steal My Secret.

1. My Dreaming Mind
2. The Quest
3. My Siren Song
4. Behind The Future
5. Other Side Of The Moon
6. Voyage
7. Peace Within
8. Dreaming Of The Hajar
9. Steal My Secret
10. My Siren Song