Nick Davis
Nick Davis Music

With the first bars of Tales of a Summer Past, I was immediately drawn in to this marvellous musical work.

The opening piece is both cinematic and symphonic, symbolizing the Present to me and aptly named A New Season Dawns, followed by some enchanting, sprightly melodies that represent the Past.

Nick has managed to create an amazing mix of musical styles, both Western and European, all of which blend together with an endearing charm.

I particularly enjoyed the upbeat and rhythmic Harvest Feast that certainly makes you want to get up and dance; and the musically playful Reminisce. Equally appealing are When a Caged Bird Sings and First Embrace, followed by the plaintive A Moment with You. Although the album ends somewhat abruptly with a very short reprise of Farewell to a Friend, one knows that Tales of a Summer Past will certainly not be the last we hear of this dynamic composer.

All in all, a delightful introduction to anyone interested in neo-classical and contemporary classical music.

From the liner notes-- "Punctuated by introspective moments, it is vibrant an evocative. Nick has attempted to recapture the ambiance and energy of his acclaimed...Tears of the Moon , yet create an album that explores the neo-classical far more deftly than Eclipse..."

1. A New Season Dawns
2. Heart's Desire
3. Train to Vienna
4. The Harvest Feast
5. Moonlight Rendezvous
6. Summer Rain
7. Farewell to a Friend
8. Unrequited Love
9. Reminisce
10. When a Caged Bird Sings
11. First Embrace
12. A Moment With You
13. Farewell to a Friend - Reprise