Michael Woodhead


Destiny Blaine
Mardi Gras Publishing

Twenty-seven pages constitutes a book?

My gosh! What is the world coming to? In my day, twenty-seven pages constituted a short story. In hard book form, that would only be fourteen pages back-to-back! Apparently, as someone else suggested, it's a short book for today's quick fix, throwaway society in which people really don't have time to read.

Nevertheless, the back story, introduced on the first couple of pages to get the reader up to speed, could have been 'shown' rather than 'told' to us, and would probably have made an interesting erotic mystery romance book. However, overall, this reads, as I said, like a short story, and probably one that could have been submitted to a site like Literotica. And, whereas the story begins in the thoughts of the apparent main character, and from whose viewpoint the whole thing should have been told, unfortunately the writer occasionally wanders into the minds of the other characters, too. The dialogues and descriptions often come across like scenes from a porn movie

Some strange relationships in this story, too. A wife still accepts her husband and his lover, even after the husband has killed his lover's boyfriend. Mix with this a swinging couple with nothing but sex on their minds, and you have quite a conglomeration of people, none of whom seem to have any sort of a conscience.

I'm sure there will be some readers who will enjoy this story. This reviewer is not one of them.