Mark A Michaels & Patricia Johnson
Llewellyn Publications
ISBN-10: 0-7387-0900-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-7387-1197-3
Sexuality, Tantra

If the authors' previous book The Essence Of Tantric Sexuality can be considered theory, then this new book can be the practical workbook.

Replete with fifty-two exercises, dozens of examples, explanations, and experiences, there's a cornucopia of material with which Tantric practitioners or novices can use in order to enhance and enrich their sexual life, focusing on "consciousness, an experimental attitude, and, above all, pleasure".

The author suggests approaching the material slowly but steadily, studying and experimenting with one chapter per week, all of which can be explored by persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

The book begins with an examination, first, of Tantra itself, and then sexuality, both physical and spiritual, and how the two can be integrated.

This study is followed by chapters that examine pleasure and desire, with exercises that focus on helping readers to discover various aspects of their own sexuality -- what turns them on and off; what forms of foreplays and love-making they enjoy; what their sexual history was like; what does or doesn't happen when they yield to sexual desires; and how they breathe during orgasm -- all to help them understand more about their sexual selves.

"From the Tantric perspective, everything that exists is imbued with energy, or Shakti". So follows an explanation of sexual energy -- why it happens, how to recognize it, and how to create and manage it.

Following these are informative and enlightening chapters on such things as meditation, reverence, bliss, imagination and other concepts vital to a working knowledge of Tantric sex.

Together with their previous books, Tantra for Erotic Empowerment provides a dynamic and consciousness-expanding awareness of our sacred sexuality.