Michael Woodhead


(Kim Waters & Hans Christian)
New Earth Records

And yet another beautiful, undulating selection of Indian spiritual songs made quite accessible to Western ears.

We would be hard pressed to find a better blend of instruments and vocals than Kim Waters' voice and Hans Christian's instruments since they complement each other so well. Soft and ethereal, calm and meditative, they create a mesmerizing program ideal for relaxation and meditation.

With such a smooth blend of music and lyrics, we lose track of time as we become lost in the exotic, and could we say almost erotic mélange of rhythms and melodious chants.

# 1 - Echoes' Top 25 for February 2006

1. Jaya Radhe
2. Adaram Madhuram
3. Sundara Mor
4. Doya Koro
5. Parama Karuna
6. Om Purnam
7. Srita Kamala
8. He Krishna
9. Return