Michael Woodhead


June-Elleni Laine
ISBN: 1-905047-54-1
Spiritualism, New Age, Paranormal

This is an interesting and insightful book.

To begin with, the author spends almost half the book examining and explaining the conflict and communication that occurs between the right half of the brain, and the left. With a series of exercises and tests, the reader learns to understand how each half approaches and responds to external and psychic stimuli, and how to 'trigger' the correct half when required.

Once this symbiotic relationship is understood, the reader can then better understand the remaining chapters.

Although titled The Art Of Being...Psychic, the title also refers to psychic art, and the author not only explains how she does it, but also how the reader can develop his or her own psychic artist abilities.

One of the most important things when dealing with any manifestation of psychic abilities is that of validation: how do you know when the impressions you receive are correct? The author tells you how, and follows that up with a chapter on 'intention': making sure you create positive energy instead of negative in your daily life.

Following this, the author deals with energizing the first three of the seven Chakras, and also makes note of the fact that different teachers will use different terminology for the same things.

From there, Laine goes on to developing sensing energy, psychometry, clairsentience, paper reading, water reading, auric reading, finding lost articles, developing psychic art and portraiture, and automatic writing: all with straightforward, clear instructions on beginning, using, and closing down psychic sessions, as well as examples from her own experiences.

To conclude, the author discusses the 'Omni-versal Mind' and how everything is connected to and influenced by energy; and the various body types of men and women, and what they're like when balanced or unbalanced. All this is directed towards creating our own personal life through the manifestation of our energy thoughts.

"Man, know thyself." This book will certainly help to do just that.