Is It Fact or Fiction

Don Sausa
Vision Press

Viewers of James Cameron's The Lost Tomb of Jesus will no doubt be interested to read this alternate and opposing viewpoint.

The Jesus Tomb explains itself as an "exhaustive examination of the weight of the evidence to the claim of James Cameron and his cohorts that they have found the bones of Jesus Christ.".

The author does an admirable job at refuting the Lost Tomb allegations.

Dealing with eight major claims drawn from the documentary, Sausa challenges each one with observations made by a variety of scholars and experts so that the readers can ultimately make up their own mind as to the validity of Cameron's conclusions:
1. An unreported discovery
2. Inscriptions
3. The Jesus family burial
4. Mariamene Mara
5. Statistical analysis
6. DNA evidence
7. The James ossuary
8. The reliability of the New Testament

Also included at the end of each chapter is a study guide which is helpful for review, and for opening up debate and discussion in a group setting.

The only problem I really had with the book is a purely technical one. To help make quoted material stand out better, screened blocks of text have been used. However, the screens are so dark that it hampers easy reading of the text. I suggest that, for future releases of the book, a lighter screen (20%?) be utilized.

The Jesus Tomb-fact or fiction? Read the book and decide for yourself.