Michael Woodhead


Deborah Cannon
Trafford Publishing

Deborah Cannon is a writer to watch.

Quite frankly, I've found very few fiction authors who've managed to grab my attention enough to make me continue reading.

Deborah is one of those who does.

In this first novel of a series, Ms Cannon introduce us to Jake Lalonde, a half-Haida archaeologist endeavouring to find and protect relics and treasures of his West Coast native heritage.

Just as determined, developer Clifford Radisson will do anything it takes to get what he wants -- in this case, to build a large theme park. Unfortunately, it's going to be right on top of Jake's digs.

Ms Cannon raises questions and introduces intrigue from the very beginning of this novel; but, that's not all-she carries them through to the gripping, and unexplected, climax. Along the way, she weaves historical and mythological background information that doesn't intrude on the story.

Interesting characters, a driving plotline, colourful writing, and short chapters all make this book an easy, but excitingly good read.

Drawing from her passionate interest in First Nation mythology, and her own archaeology background, Deborah Cannon weaves a tale of mystery, danger, folklore, and generational revenge on the west coast islands of British Columbia and Washington.

Get your copies of Raven Dawn, The Raven's Pool, White Raven, Ravenstone, and Raven's Blood. Two more novels in the series are expected. They'll be worth it.