Michael Woodhead


Vicki Logan
Carvic, Inc.

I must say I was quite surprised and very impressed by The Ride. Ten very beautiful songs are presented in a variety of styles and rhythms, yet all of them combine to form a cohesive whole. As Vicki says, "I wanted to describe the passage of time, as I experience it, in terms of music. I also wanted to show the many sides of who I am using elements from different styles of music because that, to me, is how most of us are. We are not represented by any one particular thing...but by many things creating a whole unique being."

Vicki begins with a very melodic and pop-like The Dance of the Sun that sweeps over the soul, relaxing and inviting us to become inspired. When I first heard A Piece of My Rainbow, I could have sworn Kenny G was playing the sax; but, no, it was Kenni H(olman) performing the very mellow, but uplifting melody. Follow this with a rather melancholic, medieval Celtic-sounding piece called Forbidden Love, and then a more modern up-tempo beat-driven Colors in Motion. Just to Be with You faintly reflects a light jazz influence; then the title song brings a more New Age instrumental feel.

Further jazz and heavy pop touches highlight An Engagement with Time and almost deliver a Kitaro-like atmosphere. Board the virtual train for Finding Freedom (The Freedom Express) and be carried down the musical train tracks to the plaintive Don't Be Afraid, after which we reach the pensive and serene music of The End of the Day.

These original compositions are uplifting and soul-stirring, grabbing the listener by the ears from the first song to the last, and almost leaving one breathless but fulfilled by the end of the journey. Pick up your copy and go along for The Ride. I'll be taking it quite often.

1. The Dance of the Sun
2. A Piece of My Rainbow
3. Forbidden Love
4. Colors in Motion
5. Just to Be With You
6. The Ride
7. An Engagement With Time
8. Finding Freedom (The Freedom Express)
9. Don''t Be Afraid
10. The End of the Day