Michael Woodhead


Philomena Keet & Yuri Manabe
Kodansha International
ISBN: 978-4-7700-3061-0

Profusely illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the Tokyo Look Book is a lavish overview of the eclectic fashions of this teeming Japanese city.

"Stylish to spectacular, Goth to Gyaru, Sidewalk to Catwalk" -- this book looks not only at the styles themselves, but also the personalities of those who wear them, as well as some of those who design them.

Author Philomena Keet and photographer Yuri Manabe explore:
(1) The teen fashions of Shibuya's girls and guys
(2) The fashions of various subcultures that influence style
(3) Creative styles worn by the wearers because of their love of fashion
(4) The stylish women in Omolesando Boulevard, Ginza, and Marunouchi
(5) The various styles that young men wear to work

Following a short, reflective history on how these widely-varying fashions found their way to Japan (as well as other things), the author delves more deeply and candidly into the decorative, often garish, but nonetheless beautiful realms of personal and group styles.

Although Tokyo has never been known as a fashion capitol as far as the fashion world is concerned, the author feels that it is only a matter of time before the city comes into its own. To that end, she includes interviews with several fashion designers -- Reiko Nakone, Miwa Mochizuki, h.Naota, Mana, Tokuya Angel, Naoyuhi Ohira, and Kazuhisa Komura. As well, she looks at some boutiques, magazines, and shops.

Yuri has done a marvelous job of grabbing some eye-catching photographs of people on the street, in shops and malls, even nightclubs -- people who, although they may dress according to a certain circle of fashion, nonetheless retain their individuality.

From traditional kimono to modern-day suits; from trendy designer clothes and accessories to manga- and anime-inspired costumes; from dark gothic to leather and fetish -- all these and more are readily displayed on the street of Tokyo, and many of which can be seen in this wonderful, colourful, captivating Tokyo Look Book.