Michael Woodhead


Real Music

Shades of Enya! You'd almost think you bought an Enya CD instead of 2002 when you hear the opening track, Suddenly Yours. The tempo, the arrangement, and the voices -- all sound similar to an Enya cut.

But this doesn't deter from the flowing beauty of the album's presentation as Pamela and Randy Copus once again delight the listener with some beautifully crafted compositions. Is it any wonder they've been on Billboard's New Age Chart for a long time? Is it any wonder thousands of people find their music relaxing and yet uplifting, full of spiritual depth and emotional sensitivity. As they've said, 'Music is an extension of all that is natural and so has the power to restore the natural balance of joy and healing,'

Concentrating on the essence of Love, This Moment Now exudes a very romantic atmosphere. A variety of lush instruments and multi-layered ethereal voices sweep us through soundscapes of music with a light classical feel to them.

Life Is gives a musical rendition of Life itself, complete with 'birds' flying through virtual clouds, and nesting in unseen trees.

A Gate of Dreams has a very plaintive, and almost melancholy feel to it, but is still a beautiful melody.

Bliss offers a quiet, slow-moving track good for pensive, reflective thinking to the accompaniment of piano and flute with very few extraneous instruments.

Dreaming of You gives us a floating voyage through the land of dreams, with Pamela's voice drawing us ever-onward to a rather abrupt ending

In the middle of the presentation is Moment of Love, the only track with true lyrics. It seemed out of place to me in view of the other melodies, and I wasn't too thrilled with the falsetto-sounding singing. In fact, it actually sounded a lot like Larry Norman on his In Another Land album, for those familiar with the Christian rock'n'roll songwriter. But it certainly shows Randy's love for Pamela, and certainly not to be overlooked.

Nonetheless, 2002 fans won't be disappointed with This Moment Now. It's a beautiful follow-up to their previous releases.

1. Suddenly Yours
2. Sunny Day
3. Morning of Light
4. Even Now
5. Life Is
6. Moment of Love
7. Romancing the Moon
8. A Gate of Dreams
9. Children in Time
10. Bliss
11. Dreaming of You