Michael Woodhead


7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace

Jamshid Hosseini
(with Dave Cunningham)
2009 ISBN: 978-1-84694-133-7
Inspiration / Self-Help

"The universe has one rule. Only one rule and nothing else. Everything else is a creation of our minds. The universe says, 'Be balanced'."

This is the essence of the material presented in Travel Within. Once you have achieved total balance in your life, you achieve wisdom and inner peace, and Oneness with everything.

In order to do this, the author presents seven steps that we need to understand and experience and pass in our lives:-
     1. Wanting
     2. Receiving
     3. Giving
     4. Balance
     5. Satisfaction
     6. Detachment
     7. Oneness

Before getting to the steps, however, the author has a look at what inner peace and wisdom mean, as well as how the concepts he's presenting hold up under the scrutiny of what we might call the three major doctrines of Life -- science, religion and philosophy.

The steps were assembled by the author after he died, visited the spirit world, and then returned with an apparent understanding of the Oneness we all share not only with each other, but with the universe and everything in it.

Following the seven steps, he asserts, will enable us to achieve that Oneness and the ability to obtain answers to all the 'Big Questions' we invariably ask at one time or another.

The goal, he says, is "to elevate the human consciousness enough so that we may avoid the cataclysmic disaster that lies ahead in one of our possible futures".

A worthy enough goal indeed.