Kori Linae Carothers
iRoknNod Records

What a delightfully eclectic album of divers music! Solo piano, electronic keyboards, native American chanting, angelic female vocals--all these and more showcase Kori's talent not only as a pianist, but also as a cross-genre composer.

Kori is equally adept at creating quiet piano pieces like Crystal Fields as well as up-tempo light jazz pieces like Dancing in the Clouds.

"Trillium is a collection of music inspired by the power of three...a continuation of expressions of my thoughts, about experiences in my life inspired by the friendships, hopes and dreams".

Produced by Will Ackerman, and also featuring some other distinctive playing styles (like Jeff Oster's flugel horn), some tunes are reminiscent of Yanni's orchestrations but, by and large, Trillium is still a moving musical reflection of Kori's personality and life.

1. Crystal Fields
2. Blue Ice
3. A Roses Tale
4. Midnight
5. Nez Perce
6. Tangled Up
7. Dancing in the Clouds
8. Nantucket
9. The Long View
10. Carpe Diem
11. 3 Degrees