Michael Woodhead


Christy Cook
Borealis Music

One of the first stringed instruments I ever attempted to play was a dulcimer. Although I never mastered it, the music performed on a hammer dulcimer by local artist Christy Cook on this album is well worth hearing.

After opening with a very nice rendition of Jean-Francois Dandrieu's La Gemissante, Christy follows it up with four compositions of her own, all of them quite enchanting and restful. The title track is particularly delicate in its sound and style, and Wings of Comfort. . .Pearls of Hope is a tension-releasing tune. Her hammer dulcimer is nicely supported by flute, bells and chimes.

Christy's been performing for over twenty years, and this recording is her sixth, but the first on which she has focused on a blend of music and spirituality.

1. La Gemissante
2. Wings of Comfort
3. Starlight Reverie
4. Trillium Rising
5. Wings of Comfort...Pearls of Hope