Lisa Hilton
Lisa Hilton Music

I've said before in another review that I'm not a great fan of jazz.

However, that being said, I did listen to Lisa's album several times, and each time the music grew on me and I gradually found myself enjoying it quite immensely.

Along with some original compositions, Lisa also covers some past tunes by Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Henry Mancini and others.

On her own melodies, especially, Lisa is extremely expressive -- City Streets, in particular, reflects this -- but this doesn't mean the other tunes pale by comparison. Rather, they exude Miss Hilton's own personality and view of the world. Indeed, I'll be listening to this album yet a few more times.

"Her playing style, now fluent, features a light touch, expressive nuances, and polyrhythm. One of the few women producers working in jazz, she also runs her own publishing company to oversee the 130+ tracks she has composed and recorded."

1 Pandemonium
2 Woodstock
3 What's Going On/Extended Take
4 City Streets
5 Turbulent Blue
6 Twilight
7 Kozmic Blues
8 Blue For You
9 Moon River
10 What's Going On