Michael Woodhead


(a.k.a. Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver, Miriam Stockley & Sandeep Chowta)
Universal Music Canada

As it explains, Twirl is indeed a 'multicultural experience' -- a creative and delightful musical experience that features English, Polynesian, African, East Indian, and even made-up lyrics which were chosen for their phonetic shape.

Twirl is a moving and refreshing feast for the ears which sounds new, and yet at the same time seems oddly familiar.

Utilizing colour, music, form and movement, AOMusic eventually hopes to create a multimedia experience that encompasses a variety of cultures without holding 'allegiance' to any one in particular.

1. On Jai Ya
2. Tayeh Kayoh
3. Drops & Sparks
4. Obayo
5. Yei Ha
6. Na Ha ye
7. Kaya Kayeh
8. Zhaia
9. Shamaniya
10. Cahaya