Louis Landon
Landon Creative, Inc

Light and simple, but permeated with heartfelt performances, Unwind invites you to do exactly that.

As with much New Age Jazz, Landon's music avoids the usual discord often associated with jazz music, and offers a flowing, moody environment instead-Peaceful and Freefalling, for example, lightly spring with jazz-like rhythms, but fall gently on the ears; and My Brooke, with its delicate refrains, has touches of pop music.

Although not really suitable for meditation or massage therapy, nevertheless, Unwind offers a good hour's worth of relaxing music. Deeply subjective in their creation, Landon's compositions and playing draw you into a world of personal warmth and joyousness meant for you to share one-on-one.

Louis Landon says his "personal mission in life is to create a more emotional world by creating and performing music from the heart".

On this album, he continues to achieve that dream.

1. My Brooke
2. I Can See
3. Feel
4. Mindfulness
5. Peaceful
6. Freefalling
7. Sea of Darkness
8. Alone
9. Majestic Sunrise
10. Her Eyes
11. Music for Michael
12. Childhood's End