Michael Woodhead


Bernward Koch
Real Music

In keeping with the title of this album, the music is light and airy, allowing us to drift through the atmosphere of our minds to relax and unwind, to meditate and reflect on our lives and the world around us.

Primarily piano compositions, with touches of flute, guitar, bass, glockenspiel, and percussion, nothing here will overwhelm the listener with heavy rhythms or repetitive melodies.

Sit back, relax, and melt into the soft strains of this--

1. Touched by Love
2. Childhood Hour
3. Walking Through Clouds
4. Deep green Summer
5. Flight Being
6. One Step at a Time
7. Mysterious Way
8. Bekoflow
9. Following Stars
10. Close Your Eyes
11. The Silver Veil
12. Gentle Touch
13. Simply Great
14. Evoking Wonder
15. Sunday Sky
16. Travel Lightly