Michael Woodhead


Anne Trenning
Shadetree Productions

"In a broader sense, it seems many of us are hoping for our world to enter a period of healing; we want to be part of a cleansing transformation - which is why I chose the analogy of rain. I wanted the music on this album to reflect new beginnings, and to offer emotional encouragement during this time of anticipation and hope."

Fifteen compositions attest to the inspirational quality of Anne's performances, enhanced by the addition of violin, cello, strings, keyboards, flute, piccolo, guitar, bass, and percussion. A mixture of original and popular music, these melodies are sure to please the listener.

Soft and light, uptempo and occasionally dramatic, Watching for Rain is a potpourri of stirring musical pieces that will instill a feeling of new possibilities in times of despair; rest and relaxation after a frenetic pace; and an atmosphere of peace for moments of solitary meditation, praise and worship.

"Sorrow and grief are as much a part of life as joy and happiness, and all those emotions resonate in my music. My compositions are often melodic portraits of challenges I have faced in my own life."

1 The Ash Grove
2 Silent Night II
3 Eden Hall
4 A Prayer For The World
5 The Welcome Song
6 You and Me
7 Days of Pie
8 Carolina Moon
9 And I'll Fly Away
10 I Want to be Ready
11 H. I. A. T. W.
12 Real Love
13 When You Say Nothing At All
14 Dancing With You (bonus track)
15 Benediction