Buedi Siebert
Real Music

For the ultimate in background music designed for solitude and meditation, I highly recommend this album. Quiet, serene and peaceful music with an oriental touch gracefully sweeps over the listener. In the imagination, one sees slow-moving rippling streams, gently flowing grasses, an immense countryside of beauty and serenity.

"As we can empty ourselves to get in touch with our gentleness," remark the liner notes, "as with t'ai chi, we develop an enormous power...[and]...a gentle approach to life can remove any obstacle on your path".

Use this music to find that gentle side within you.

1. From the Distance
2. Life Breath
3. Waterplay
4. Building Chi
5. The Gentle Way
6. Flight on Cloud Horse
7. Temple on Green Mountain
8. Song of the Nightingale
9. Buddha Arrives
10. Inside the Heart
11. Into the Distance
12. Oneness