David Ambrose
Revolution Mind Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-9739362-0-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9739362-0-9
Self-Help, Personal Growth

This book's subtitle is Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness, and I'm sure happiness is something for which we all search.

David Ambrose offers positive and practical suggestions and methods to achieve personal happiness.

He looks first at the concepts of love, peace, freedom, harmony, and happiness -- those things that can lay a foundation for a "better, happier and more confident" way of life.

He then follows these up by looking at various ideas put forth by prophets, philosophers, teachers, and truth seekers through the ages, distilling their discoveries into a set of principles.

Thirdly, he offers suggestions and steps in order for each of us to transform our lives, which includes more than just positive thinking.

Much of the material presented here you'll no doubt have seen or read before in some other form, but somehow David has managed to distill everything into a new and interesting way of presenting it.

David ends the book with several chapters designed to make you pause and consider things, things such as-mind power versus prayer; the healing mind; and even women as saviours of the world.

Interestingly enough, this one book can be read in a variety of-ways:-

↪ A chapter a day for 46 days. Each chapter is short enough to be read within a five to ten minute time span -- ideal for the ride to or from work on the bus in the morning or afternoon; during a coffee or lunch break; just before going to bed; or any time during the day when you manage to find a little bit of time to yourself
↪ As a daily devotional, each chapter presents a new thought, idea, or suggestion that can be pondered, studied, or put into practice.
↪ As a study guide, it offers nuggets of inspiration, exploration, and universal truths, all of which enable the reader to continue searching elsewhere for further elucidation
↪ In a discussion group, there's a lot of material here for people to give their own views, perhaps their own experiences, and their own thoughts

Overall, an accumulation of well-put-together food for thought to which the reader will want to return again and again.