Nancy Irwin
BookSurge Publishing
ISBN-10: 1419695010
ISBN-13: 978-1419695018
Self Help

Not unlike several other books I've reviewed (notably those from O-Books), You-Turn is another inspiring, motivational volume, and a really good read.

These forty-three stories from people over the age of forty give individual accounts of men and women from all walks of life who have changed the direction of their lives -- relationship- and career-wise primarily, but also spiritually, socially, economically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially.

The true stories are presented in two sections:-
     1. Detours, Roadblocks & Dead Ends -- changes that come about unexpectedly
     2. Backroads, Alternate Routes & Trailblazing -- changes that occur as a result of personal decision

Housewives, lawyers, actors, criminals, professionals, musicians -- these and others have unique stories to share, stories full of joys and sorrows, happiness and heartache, courage and fear.

But, these inspiring accounts aren't all the book contains.

Have you found yourself halfway through life, with various aspects of it either wandering aimlessly, in a rut, or even dead?

Nancy Irwin addresses your own life to see if you need to make a you-turn.

Perhaps you need to make a change in your current mind-set. Do you spend too much time dwelling on negative aspects and fears, and very little on the positive side of things?

She offers ten questions to ask yourself truthfully to determine what it is you are passionate about, or want to change. She gives self-help tips to get you started; to get you through the rough spots; to get you to take off in your own direction; and even how to run a business on a shoestring budget.

No matter where you are in your life -- ready for a you-turn, already on your way, or even wondering what to do -- this is an invaluable tool to help you along.