Michael Woodhead


Thierry David
Real Music

This is one of the freshest ambient recordings of this kind that I've heard in a long time.

As soon as it began playing, I could sense something diffeent about it. I can't explain what it was, but I just found it to be quite uplifting, and percolating with a sense of peace and happiness.

Although primarily piano works, the pieces also include some trip-hop and electronic grooves that are not overpowering, but register subtly in the background. True to its title, this album does give you 'pause' to make you wonder and, if you let it, can take you to a level of Zen.

1. Rain On Me
2. Deep Sea Green
3. Core Breath
4. Zensations
5. Connected
6. Silhouettes at Dusk
7. Dream It
8. Weekend Away
9. It's Safe to Sway
10. Releasing the Past
11. Cosmos
12. Sunlight in My Mind
13. Zen Pause